Strong snow storms in Iceland

A strong depression (970hpa) in the ​​Norwegian’s sea is carrying strong snow storms in Iceland.

The temperature in the eastern and northwestern Iceland are beetween -14°C and -8°C at 850hpa and to the ground beetween 0°C and -15°C.

The fig.1 show the condition of the road network, where very roads are closed because of the strong storms, consequently many villages are isolated.



The following figures show the snow cover (FIG.2) between 0.20cm and 100cm on most of the island, with 20 meters tips and precipitation accumulated by Sunday (FIG.3).


About Sunday, the situation will improve in the north of the island, furthermore the arrival of a new perturbation from the west will bring snow to the waves of the island and also in the city of Reykjavik.



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