Small eruption of the Mount Agung

The Mount Agoung records a small phreatomagmatic eruption.

The volcano Agung located in the Karangasem regiment in the province of Bali has recorded a small phreatomagmatic eruption.
Mount Agung’s state up to now remains level 3 and refugee figures on Saturday afternoon were 25,016 people scattered in 224 refugee points.
Nowadays the smoke plume is raised 700 metri above the top of Monte Agung.

However this volcano is considered the second largest volcano on the island, with its 3031 m high, its eruption of 1963-1964 was one of the worst of last century.

BNPB has established eruption as “phreatomagmatic”. A phreatomagmatic eruption is a magmatic phenomenon accompanied by explosions related to the pressure exerted by the volatile component consisting essentially of water vapor of groundwater originating from the heating of ground water by the molten magmatic mass.

The eruption comes due after the volcano alarm was raised on 22 September.

Bali’s International Airport is still open , according to a spokeswoman for the airport.



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